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Healthy Lifestyle Trends

*Source: Canadian Health Food Association Tradeshow East and Canadian Health Food Association Tradeshow West 2022

Consumers are buying more plant-based options → the vegan population is growing!

Consumers are buying more high protein foods, including chips

"What to Watch" : Vegan and Low/No Sugar

Plant/Alternative Based Snacks (Grocery): year-over-year growth 2020-2022

Spices and seasonings: year-over-year growth 2020-2022

Omega-3: year-over-year growth 2020-2022

Digestive Aid Medicines (Natural) : year-over-year growth 2020-2022

You Can Really Taste The Crunch

Original Pokko

A rice and chickpea chip infused with spices from South Asia

Spicy Pokko

A rice and chickpea chip infused with spices from South Asia, with a dash of dried chili peppers

Our main ingredients are sustainably sourced from Canadian Farmers

Our manufacturing facility hires newcomers to Canada and helps them assimilate in the local community. A portion of proceeds are also donated to the regional health networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Asafoetida (Ferula asafoetida) is the dried sap — or gum resin — obtained from the roots of Ferula plants and is usually dried and ground to use as a spice. It has been used in Asia for centuries either for culinary or medicinal purposes.

Learn more about it here: Biological activities and medicinal properties of Asafoetida: A review - PMC (

Our rice and chickpeas are all sourced right here in Canada from Canadian farmers, and are Non-GMO.

Pokko is produced only from natural ingredients which do not contain any artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

Our asafetida seasoning contains a very small amount of wheat flour in order for it to be easily used for cooking. Our team has tested the gluten level a few times at a lab which has shown that it has an insignificant amount. However, we always advise to first consult your doctor and take precaution when eating Pokko, should you have any intolerance or allergy to gluten.

We will only use non-hydrogenated oils whether that is canola, soybean or sunflower oil. Usage of a specific oil will be based on the recent global commodity price volatility. All oils have been tested with Pokko to ensure our authentic taste does not change.

Yes they are. Nothing artificial about it! Our Kashmini chili peppers are imported from India, and they are as pure as you’ll get.  Did you also know that Kashmiri chilis are rich in Vitamin C?

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